You know, I get home so late sometimes, I hadn't even realized that I didn't read the newspaper until just before bed. I came home, turned on my computer, researched the Geithner quote I had heard in the car, posted about it, read my Bible, and glanced at the paper on my way to bed. I 'bout kicked myself because there, on the front page, was President Obama saying the same thing (that government needs more power to take over troubled financial institutions that are not banks).

Wow. What a better blog post that would have been. But I was too tired to change what I had written.

As unsure as I am about that policy (still haven't made up my mind yet), I did LIKE something he ELSE said in the same article, and that was:

"We can't afford to demonize every investor or entrepreneur who tries to make a profit."

Now, he was talking about bank and corporation stockholders mainly, but can you remember back a year or two ago? What a contrast to the previous administration, which cast a dismal light upon real estate investors who were hit by the hard economic times. Everyone is getting hit hard, and as a moonlighting real estate professional, I think ... actually, I just decided not to write what I think, and I'm going to get off the soapbox before I get on it ;-)

Anyhoooo... we'll see what the president does and see how things turn out. I may not be thrilled about all the changes that the president is making, but I am glad for that quote. This nation is built, and runs, on profit, and hopefully hard working, honest Americans will be able to continue earning profit even while our government reels in those who've been less than honorable.