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As parents, we are our children's very earliest teacher -- a very important role -- so we need to model for our children the kinds of behaviors that we wish them to follow. Creating a relationship based on respect for each other, appreciating them as they are and encouraging them towards responsibility and independence are important goals for parents in nurturing their young child.

Here are seven tips to being an inspiring first teacher for your child and to having a loving and close relationship with them:

1) Show your child respect by giving them lots of cuddles and time.

2) Get down to their eye level and really listen to what they are saying. Listen with your lips shut as well as with your heart.

3) Understand things more from their perspective and talk about their feelings.

4) Appreciate the things they can do and praise them.

5) Let them have a go first as they try new things instead of doing things for them.

6) Allow them to do some little jobs like helping put toys away. This helps them learn to be responsible.

7) Notice the things they can do by themselves as they get older and praise them. This will encourage your child to keep on striving to achieve new goals and eventually become independent.

When you parent your little one keeping these seven tips in mind, you'll be building a wonderful close bond, while encouraging them to grow and develop to their full potential. And isn't that, after all, what we as parents want most of all?

--Barbara Beccari is co-founder of parentSCOPE, a parent-coaching business acknowledged for its innovation. parentSCOPE supports parents to have loving and close relationships with their children, from toddlers to teens. If you liked this article check out our children's picture book we have written which is all about respectful relationships on

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