Interesting take on MLMs came through one of my discussion groups today. It never occured to me that one of the strong pulls of such things is the freedom to ignore real life problems because the materials you purchase brainwash you into thinking as long as you follow the program, you'll get rich and everything will be alright... Now, lest you think I'm anti-MLM, I do stock products in my boutique from two Network Marketing companies: Discovery Toys and Jeunique Figurewear. Jeunique has a couple of WONDERFUL products that practically sell themselves, and the company itself is not "pushy." Discovery Toys has a horrible business model, and you really can't make money without recruiting. I stya in it because they have great toys (which are no more expensive than the local shops when they go on sale 2x a year).

> On the blogs there are plenty of folks that talk about how all aspects
> of their life has improved because of the Team. That what they learned
> from the Team makes them better parents, spouses, friends etc.
> >From what I've read from those that leave MLM;s is that
> > relationships and financial affairs got worse during the MLM involvement.

Their lives are better because they believe whatever they're told and
those to whom they have given full control of their lives (send money)
to are telling them things are great (send money).
Yes, but they've been programmed not to see that and not to value
financial stability (send money). They've been taught to value the
dream of wealth (send money), but not wealth or financial stability and
responsibility in itself. They're taught to value the appearance of
intimacy and honesty, but not the true forms of either (send money).
It's all feel good patches, even worse than the worst new age self help
book you can blame (send money).

> One of my acquaintances keeps saying she is so grateful for the
> TEAM. It's been so helpful to "I had challenges with my
> family but when I got in the car and put on a Team CD and I got sane
> again." A former friend also says that she is so much more confident
> in all aspects of her life.

MLMs are the opiate of the masses. It's an addiction and the reason
that person is getting "sane again" is because they have been facing a
reality they don't want to face and they get a CD going and it tells
them everything is fine, they don't have to take responsibility for
anything other than working the system. The CD is giving them
permission to ignore family issues and to be irresponsible.

> I was never able to get through a whole CD, ............I just didn't
> like those people who were talking. So what are these people hearing
> that they say is so helpful? And does involvement in this thing
> actually help folks, Even thought it keeps you broke?

They're hearing people telling them they can be like what they've been
programmed to be. They're hearing someone tell them what they want to
hear instead of the truth. They're the child listening to the fairy
story at night that tells them everything will be okay and everything
always works out in the end.