Hello Ladies,

I wrote this little essay to my Mom and other moms I regularly send something for mother’s day, but forgot to this year. I thought you would enjoy knowing you’re not the only ones in the world with a million things to do and no time to do it. If you feel like you’re putting “50% effort into 20 different things” consider Earl Nightingale’s suggestion of writing down what you want to become, and reflecting on it every day. Since I’ve started doing that the past few weeks, it’s made my decisions a little easier. “Hmmm, will this thing I’m about to watch/listen to/buy/commit to help me to make it to Heaven, be full of power of the Holy Ghost, be financially independent, and be a good wife and mother? No? NEXT! “

Hi Mom, and other women in my life, who just happen to be moms too…

This is a very late note to say Happy Mother’s Day. I’m sorry you didn’t get your card yet- it hasn’t left my kitchen table. I’m not sure it ever will, because that table is like a black hole.

Steve was running late to work today, so I started cleaning my kitchen (which I don’t think has been cleaned since last week!). Under three weeks worth of mail, a full grocery bag from last weekend, empty jars of baby food, and Steve’s dinner bowl from last night, I discovered my Mother’s Day cards. One for each of you who are on this email. And a box of caramacs for my first lady. I realized I didn’t call anyone, even though I received plenty of text messages, mom stuff from my church, and profuse apologies from my husband (who had forgotten). I even told Steve to call his mom (which he did). But you know what? All I could think about Sunday was going home and getting into bed. The days are so long, it’s just ‘eat, pray, go to bed.” Not necessarily in that order. And to think, as a kid, I couldn’t comprehend how Mom could come home and lounge. B-o-r-i-n-g. She said I’d understand when I start working. I SURE do.

I am now on the board of directors of the new Maryland Association of Professional Foreclosure Consultants (www.marylandforeclosureconsultants.org). I’m the treasurer. Yesterday, I was reviewing the paperwork and I really felt like I was in over my head. This is serious stuff. And when I saw those mothers day cards, I realized I just can’t continue to put 50% effort into 20 different things, work all day as active duty military, have a fruitful ministry, AND maintain a happy home life. I’m just doing too much. Or rather, I’m signing up for too much, and barely “doing” any of it. I can’t blame it on The Peanut, or the DC traffic, or the excuse of the week, because the bottom line is that I’m spending time I don’t really have on things that aren’t really important, and using up energy that could be better spent. It’s just like the people I counsel who keep running up their credit card. Spending money they don’t have. The first thing I tell them is to stop spending more than they make. I guess I ought to apply my own advice to spending time!

I’m going to keep the boutique (www.preciousandpleasant.com), but am in the process of hiring an assistant. I’ll make less profit (because I have to pay her) but that will free up some time. I’ve revamped the website business (www.jasperwebservices.com ) and now my prices are high enough to keep people from wasting my time, but low enough to allow me some art/design-time. You all know I do these things as hobbies, not really profit, anyhow. I’ll keep those two businesses until they stop being fun, and simply focus on the real estate investing and foreclosures (which go hand in hand). Steve thought it better for me to continue with this while he focuses on another area of real estate investing, so I’ve morphed the company into a fun “girly” company www.punchbugproperties.com. I’m letting everything else go. Well okay, I’m going to finish the boutique book, because the bulk of my sales are the “how to start a boutique” kit, not clothes. And hopefully, next Mother’s Day, I will have so much free time your cards will come EARLY instead of being sucked into my kitchen table black hole. So that’s how I’m doing… I hope things are going well for you, and that I’ll see you soon.



PS if you go on www.punchbugproperties.com, click on the car for pictures of the punch bug, but keep in mind that the car is slightly dirtier these days then when those pictures were taken. Now, there’s now a car seat, a little person, and numerous cheerios decorating the seat.