Well, as much as I love Sam's Club, I have to tell you: Don't buy their printer ink. Or maybe it's just the one down here in Waldorf. I needed some black ink about 2-3 months ago and since I was there, bought a color cartridge as well. I finally opened the cartridge, and it was completely dry! Empty! This is the 2nd time that's happened.

Last week, I discussed it casually with the cashier checking me out, who said I could still bring it back. So yesterday, while returning something else, I confirmed with the customer service rep that I could indeed return it, showing her my receipt, and then did my shopping. I know, I know, I should have gone back to the car, got the cartridge, and returned it with that same lady. Unfortunately, I had a hungry baby on my hands, and several attempts to buy him milk had been foiled so all I was thinking about was getting to Sam’s famous free samples. By time I had finished my purchases, put them in the car, and brought back the cartridge, I ended up with a customer service person who must have thought I was lying because both her and the manager acted like I was trying to scam Sam's Club. I've spent thousands of dollars at Sam's for Precious and Pleasant and S&J Real Estate Services. Somehow, I don't think I'd lose my integrity over $45 of ink. But on the other hand, I was told twice I could return it and wouldn't have suffered the embarrassment of trying to return an open ink package had I not been told so. So they got mad and I got mad (because they should have told me I couldn't return it when I originally asked and when I originally showed the lady my receipt) and finally the manager said I could exchange it (the other lady said I could just get a refund on my card). So I went and grabbed a new cartridge and when I returned the original lady was there. She took it and ran it through. If I had known she would do it, I would have just had her return the one and forget about buying a new one. What if that's dry too? Anyway, so I'm warning you, I wouldn't buy ink at these warehouse clubs because a) it's not that much of a savings if you return your cartridges to Staples and get the coupon, b) I've had two dry up on me, and c) returning a faulty ink cartridge is not my favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon.