Well, after about a year of no home phone, I've gone ahead and set up Knology bundle. I dream about actually having time to watch the cable channels (yeah, right!), but am still bummed that I do not have a home phone. Don't click read the rest unless your interested in my venting!

Why am I angry at Knology right now? Because I can't use my phone, fax, etc! AND my email won't send out! Erg!

They're having trouble setting up my dial tone. I was ok at first- after all, it turns out that I am the FIRST person Knology has ever had to get phone service this apartment complex. So there's bound to be bugs. I'll give them that...


First, it was trouble to set up (though the installer did his best- it took a lot of calls to the support center) and resulted in me being able to make local calls but no long distance.

Then, I call support and discover that a) long distance takes 3 days to activate ("didn't the technician tell you that, oh, I'm SO sorry you weren't aware of that") and b) when I finally convinced her to check the account turns out I was not set up with long distance as part of my service, even though that's clearly indicated on the paperwork I received. So I can't call my own cell phone. She attempts to correct the problem, but whatever she did didn't work because I woke up this morning with no dial tone.

So, I call tech support today, get asked the same questions 4 times (yes, I was counting but proud of myself resisted the urge to say, "You've asked me this 3 times before.") They schedule a tech to come out on Monday, and when I inquired about a discount or some kind of compensation, "After all, I shouldn't have to pay for a phone when I don't have a dial tone" I am not compensated in any way for my time and irritation.


They better get it right Monday. Or else I'll... hmm. What can I do, honestly, but cut the service back off again, or switch to the evil twin Charter (which I DON'T want to do- they're even WORSE!)? I guess I'll wait it out. And blog about how bad the service is, LOL. Or, maybe things will be cool Monday am and by Monday pm, having forgotten all about this experience, I'll wax poetic about the virtues of having my tv, phone, and internet for one low low price. ;-)