As many of you know, I'm training for my first marathon- which will be the Marine Corps Marathon in Oct. Today, I ran for the first time with Potomac Runners, a free running group here in DC. They have great camaraderie, great views (Mt. Vernon Trail), and great water stops... including a devilish one at the 4 miles featuring Samoas, my favorite Girl Scout Cookie (challenged only by Thin Mints).

It occurs to me, while watching all the thin people eat jelly beans and starbursts (which would tear up my throat, that I have not had a Girl Scout Cookie in almost two years. It also occurs to me I'd better run a few extra miles to make up for the one I've just grabbed, because a neighbor is stuck to it, and I can't unstick it w/o touching it. No one will want it after I've touched it. And I can't just throw it away. So I've *got* to eat them both. It's the only right thing to do. :-)

I ran 10 miles with them, and feel great. Not sure about my time, but it was 8:22 when I pulled up into the parking lot and exactly 10:20 when I got back into my car after chatting. Came back, wolfed down some tuna (because Runner's World said after you run longer than an hour you should get your body some protein within an hour- not just quick carbs afterward like I usually do).

How strange it is for me to eat something for performance' sake, not because I just want to.

Did my favorite stretch video, made an omelet with two free range eggs, some about-to-go-bad tomatoes, and a skimpy-but-decent amount of raw-milk cheese. Feel well on my way to run my first marathon. Whoo-hoo.