My TDY-within-a-TDY was (mostly) fun. While I didn't enjoy multitude of delays on both ends of my trip to Utah, it did give me time to reflect.

Did you know I created a whole organization (looooong time ago) devoted to airport walking? It's defunct now, but click here to read all about it...

Yep. The premise was simple: If you travel a lot, scope out the airports and arrange your travel so that you can get a healthy walk in during your layover. Sounds silly now, but I had a website, merchandise, PayPal memberships, the whole nine yards. The website is long gone, because 9-11 ruined the concept. but I just now checked Cafepress and discovered that the logo store is still there. I actually made money selling this stuff. Especially the journal.

Why did I even think of this as a business?

Well... I kept my weight steady one year, in spite of 27 trips during which I mostly ate fast food, simply by walking in the airport. I had neither energy nor time to work out during my trips. The next year, the year I created the site, I lost about 20 pounds, still with walking in the airports still my primary form of exercise. Yes, this was before the AF PT test and mandatory exercise sessions. Ever the entrepreneur, I saw an opportunity to make a little money.

9-11 really messed it up, though, because over time the airports began to get rid of the cheap storage where you could leave your stuff and someone making several loops around the same concourse began to look suspicious. Especially if they, like me, could pass for middle eastern.

The rest of the trip was powerful- the folks at the Ogden ALC do amazing work, and I actually enjoyed the base and the surrounding area. I also got to drive down to Tooele and visited with a friend from that little church I was praying for a couple weeks ago. We had a lovely dinner (homemade soup- YUMMY!) and some good fellowship before I had to rush out and catch my flight. I also got to enjoy such rarities as Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory* and Jamba Juice. So all in all it was a good time.

*Yes, we all know about Chocolate , but there aren't many advantages to being separated from your family for 6 months, but I intend to make the best of what few there are. :-)