Just so you don’t think I’m providing, in this observation, an excuse for husbands to avoid buying their wives chocolate, please remember that for the bulk of the human population, chemicals in chocolate have been found to increase happiness, energy, and general health. So buy it. And enjoy it, because I can’t. I discovered today that chocolate makes me angry. What an evil trick of the enemy (especially given when many of us are likely to crave chocolate…). I shared this discovery with my husband who politely reminded me (in that calm, sensitive way that can only be Steven) that we’d already had this discussion several times. Yet I persist in experimenting to see if it’s true. :-) If you’re in the mood for TMI, click “Read the Rest” and I’ll illustrate with a story. If not, just tune in tomorrow for more serious discussion…

So there I was: In my boss’s office, engaging in a Friday afternoon teambuilding experience. We’re getting up to go, and he’s giving out chocolate bars. World’s finest chocolate bars, to be exact. YEAH!! I grab one for the Peanut, and one for me. You know, to make sure it’s suitable for him, of course. And besides, not only have I not had a chocolate bar in quite some time, but it’s just after 4, and I’m HON-gry from the fast. So I get back to my cube. I have a nice cell-phone discussion with my husband, in which he selflessly volunteers to drive ALL the way out to the daycare and pick up the Peanut (even though its on my way home) just so I can stay and grade papers and head straight to church. Wow. I start heating up one of those frozen dinners that takes forever and sit down to grade papers. Minutes later, I realize how utterly selfish I am to waste an hour of Steve’s day when the daycare is on my way home. I leave a sweet message to let him know I changed my mind and will pick Peanut up, and request he call and let me know he hasn’t already left. I then get busy working on the chocolate bar.

Then it happened. Dr. Jeckell and Mrs. Hyde!! I swear in about 20 minutes I went from sweet wife to raging hormonal monster! I called Steve and (quite unpleasantly) let him know I didn’t approve of him not returning my call. Never mind the fact that he said he’d been on the line with someone else until a minute ago. I then begged off the phone, because I couldn’t figure out why I was speaking in such a harsh manner. After all, I was not talking to students about their recent TLP failure and Flickerball loss. And, given that this man had just gone out of his way for me (and will do so for the rest of his life), it made no sense to provide verbal thrashing over so small an issue. I head to the daycare, pick up the Peanut, do our silly run and jump to the car while trying to pretend I wasn’t angry. But angry at what? The more I tried to explain with logic, the more perplexed I became with my feelings. I replayed the day and realize that (aside from some rather embarrassing volleyball bloopers) it had been a great day working with a great class, topped off by great teambuilding and about to be finished with a great Holy-Ghost filled service at which I will actually be on time!! Not one reason in the world to want to bite my husband’s head off. So, I ask myself… when did my mood change? Ah… probably the candy bar.

I pondered this the rest of the way home. While serving dinner I asked Steven what he thought and, as you know from the intro, he agreed. He also (kindly) remeind3ed me that we’d had this discussion several time about me and chocolate. It was reminiscent of the tone he used in MD every time (oh, about twice a year) when we passed a particular building for sale and I would say, “Hey, look at that- I just noticed that building’s for sale. Don’t you think it would make a great church??” His response? “Yes dear. It would. I know because you told me the last time you noticed it.” Ok, so I’m getting old, too.

Maybe that’s why I keep forgetting that chocolate makes me angry 