Well, the Peanut is two. Actually, he's been two for a little over a month now. Why is that on my mind tonight? Well, it's on my mind because I had to decide what to do with the party favors I never handed out for the party he never had.

Well... that's not quite true... Click "read the rest" if you want to hear me whine about my baby's birthday parties, or lack thereof. Otherwise, just tune in tomorrow when I talk about what I have to be thankful for!

I warned you.

This is mostly whining. But it's kinda funny.

My Peanut turned two in the middle of a very busy church meeting schedule. I didn't realize this was going to happen- somehow several of these events snuck up on me. I did know his birthday would be before one big fundraising event, and I had planned on telling attendees not to bring gifts but (instead) to donate the items to the church building fund. But things were so busy, and two other children had birthday parties, and my husband wasn't inclined to have a bunch of people over anyway so we decided to skip it.

That lasted for, oh, about 2 days and then I thought of the pain Peanut would feel when he got older and noticed there was no 2nd Birthday party picture in his baby book. Never mind the fact that I haven't put ANYTHING in his baby book since the nurse did his footprint, but that's another story.

So I'm feeling all maternal and decide to do a daycare birthday party. Another mother had done one and supposedly it was a hit. Besides, his care provider informed me, the kids love their classmates and enjoy Birthday parties. I had a conference that week, but told myself if things worked out I would do it.

And wouldn't you know- we broke for lunch early that day. So I ran to the party store, grabbed some favors and such, ran to several grocery stores (because the school requires whipped topping cupcakes and NO ONE carries those in stock!!! Who knew? I do now). I finally ended up at the commissary, buying banana breads and some small box chocolates for the care providers.

WELL! Of all the days to do a birthday party, I had to pick the one where
  1. the kids were cooped up due to rain
  2. one of the providers had had a baby and her fill in was in a poor mood
  3. actually, all of them were in a pretty poor mood that day... I never thought to ask what had happened, being only cognizant of my personal irritation :-), and
  4. half the people I recognize were not in the room, and those that were there couldn't have been less thrilled to see me

Now, don't get me wrong. I am very happy with Peanut's care and education. He is being taught well, and his reluctance to go home at the end of every day tells me he is being loved just as much as he was when my neighbor watched him in her home.

But that was JUST not the day. I passed out the cupcakes, passed out the party favors (but almost took them back because I discovered the kids aren't allowed to have them until they go home), took a few staged pictures, scooped up my son and went home. No happy birthday. No presents. No fun. But at least I got pictures for his baby book. If I ever get around to building it.

And yes, two days later, I hate to admit it, but if any of my readers are from the daycare and were wondering… yes, I was the mom who went in one morning and took back whatever the party favors his classmates hadn't taken home.

So then later, some of my friends enquire about his party. In our conversations, I discern that both of them were more worried about how they were going to come up with the money for a gift than for the actual celebration and I put them at ease saying we'd do something at the church. I made him an ugly (but tasty) red velvet cake, which was too embarrassing to let out of the house. So we fed it to him (more pictures) and just dropped the whole birthday party idea.

When I stumbled across the reclaimed party favors in my car today, I couldn't figure out what to do with them. I hate to throw them away, but no one else is having a party anytime soon. And if they did, I think it's taboo to bring party favors to someone else's party. I actually did that last year: Though I had great fun selecting them, and the children had great fun playing with them, it wasn't as well received by the parents as I would have expected. They're taking up space, and those of you who know me know that I'm on a quest to end clutter. Maybe I'll sell them on my eBay store.

Wow, I can't believe you actually READ this whole rant! Well, thank you and let me know what you would do with a bag full of party favors, ok?