Hello Ladies,

I wrote this little essay to my Mom and other moms I regularly send something for mother’s day, but forgot to this year. I thought you would enjoy knowing you’re not the only ones in the world with a million things to do and no time to do it. If you feel like you’re putting “50% effort into 20 different things” consider Earl Nightingale’s suggestion of writing down what you want to become, and reflecting on it every day. Since I’ve started doing that the past few weeks, it’s made my decisions a little easier. “Hmmm, will this thing I’m about to watch/listen to/buy/commit to help me to make it to Heaven, be full of power of the Holy Ghost, be financially independent, and be a good wife and mother? No? NEXT! “

Hi Mom, and other women in my life, who just happen to be moms too…

This is a very late note to say Happy Mother’s Day. I’m sorry you didn’t get your card yet- it hasn’t left my kitchen table. I’m not sure it ever will, because that table is like a black hole.

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