I’ve had a lot of business/money posts lately, so let me throw in this personal note: Philip had a FIT at Choir Rehersal today. Why? Because he wanted to nurse. We’ve been weaning him, and that particular feeding was the first to go. But he didn’t want cheerios. No milk sippy cup. No YoBaby yogurt. Just mom. That’s what he wanted. Breastfeeding has been a wonderful experience- but weaning makes me realize how someone can end up nursing for years! He had been so interested in food lately, that I really didn’t expect this much resistance to weaning.

Later, as he was snuggled in my lap after the bedtime feed, I realized he was bigger than the child of the first lady who I ever saw breastfeeding. I was rather disgusted, to be honest, b/c the child was walking and saying a few words. It was on an airplane, and she nursed him during takeoff and landing. And I kept thinking, what’s wrong with her, feeding that big boy? And here I am, feeding my big boy. And the last time I fed him in public, so many people came up to us to inform me there was a bathroon where I could nurse him (on the other side of the mall, of course), that my husband got upset with me, though I was covered. It’s just that Philip rarely eats quietly. I guess we really do reap what we sow. What goes around, comes around.