Those of you who don't know me well will laugh: Every year I try to get everyone a similar gift. It makes it a LOT easier to shop, and I don't have to remember 5 years of gifts to avoid buying the same thing- which I have done in the past!!. I only have to remember the overarching catagory. Last year I did all gift cards. The year before that, I think I did gift baskets (I can't remember). One year I did all Hickory Farms. One year all Harry and David (costly). I'm thinking about magazine gift subscriptions this year, but that's only b/c I've wasted time and haven't gone shopping yet. I hate shopping after Thanksgiving. The bad part about magazine subscriptions is that unless you communicate with your family very often, you really don't know what they like. I would hate to get them something they don't like. So if you're family reading this, now's the time to start dropping hints ha ha ha. And if anyone is thinking of buying magazine subscriptions, you can get $5 OFF Gift Subscriptions from . Here are a few of my favorites: