Readers, you don't know how much this bothers me- normally I don't care what others think of me. They don't pay my bills, nor do they tuck me in at night.

But last night I was logging into my autism forum and decided to venture out into other forums. I found one called No More Debt, and was going to tell you good things about it today. They advocate getting completely out of debt, and follow the teachings of Dave Ramsey.

I advertised the free Christmas toy giveaway, like I do on ALL web forums. After all, the more toys and dresses I sell, the more I can buy w/o affecting our finances :-). I was immediately labeled a spammer. Me. Who hates spam. Doesn't even email her customers as often as she could to avoid the appearance of spam. Me. Who often tells her friends to "stop forwarding that junk" and "stay away from that so-called-opportunity." They labled my contest spam because I have the Discovery Toys business verbiage on the page. That is such a shame. DT allows me to get free toys for my son, and P&P funds my fancy hat and suit habit, both for very little effort. This in turn allows us to focus our salaries on the long term plan for financial independance.

All in all, I think those of us who can enjoy life and serve the Lord without running up debt are far better off than those who pinch pennies but can never enjoy their savings. And ask my mom: I pinch pennies with the best of them :-) So if you're looking for a good frugal site, go ahead and try it out. I would just be leery of posting any links until they get to know you.