Everyone, I think this may be a scam (but I haven't made up my mind yet). I hear rumors that others have made money with this site, but the Glory! Blog was not accepted into their program. They didn't give me any reason why, simply said, "To be accepted into ReviewMe, a blog must meet a minimum number of citations, subscribers, and traffic. If your blog is rejected, you may want to return in a few months' time and submit again." I can't find what these minimums are, but obviously, we don't meet them. It's too bad, because if this was viable, it would be a great way for you who like to write to earn a little side-cash. Maybe I should advertise Glory! to more than just our Precoius and Pleasant customers. Or maybe they should just relax the standards :-). Anyway, be wary of sites like this that don't tell you what qualifies up front, that make you go through a lot of effort (typing) and it ends up being for naught.