Well, I'm finally doing it. I'm pulling the plug on the Discovery Toys website. Why?

Simply put, I am not making money from the website. Another product opportunity (Avon) has opened up and I've wanted to sell it for a long time. In fact, every base 'til now my church and/or neighborhood has already had someone firmly established in selling Avon. But since I've been here in MD, not one Avon lady has made herself known to me. And when I gave out Avon for Christmas to my friends, several said, "Oh, you're selling Avon now? Good! I need a reliable Avon lady." And I hated to tell them I don't sell Avon. I will probably start Avon in Feb. Whenever my card is no longer charged for the DT site.

So... I am going to put the DT website money into Avon's monthly catalog requirement and possibly their website. I will still sell Discovery Toys, just not through their website. Most of the DT I’ve sold has been through in-house catalogs or family parties. I didn’t intend for DT to be a “business.” I already have one, and it’s called Precious and Pleasant Boutique. :-) I simply wanted to get the toys at a discount for my son. Their sale prices are cheaper than regular toy prices in my local area (admittedly, one of the most expensive areas in the nation).

Let me just clear one thing up: It's not that the toys aren't great. It's that the buisiness itself is not that great. I think DT has WONDERFUL toys! I have several toys in stock, and even more in my son’s room :-) Since I am still going to be a consultant, I would be more than happy to order their toys for you. Just call me at 301-782-7810 or email me to order.