Good Evening Everyone… I have two small blessings for you, in honor of our second day of fasting:

  1. Excellent article below about how ordinary people paid off HUGE debts
  2. I found a stash of Larry Burkett’s “Debt Free Living” for sale at a used bookstore for only 25 cents each. I love this book- it’s written from a Biblical perspective on why it’s better to get out of debt and offers practical tips for doing so. I’m going to order a copy, and will order one for each of you who reply back to me by Thursday AM. But I’m going to place the order Thursday, and I need to know you want one by then. It’s free for you. The shipping costs me the same anyway. If you really don’t like taking free stuff, you can just put a quarter into the youth fund. Oh, and these are used books, not new, so there may be some wear (but I’ve never had a problem).

Here’s the article (click here)