Saw this on Jeff Galloway's website today... echos something I remember from Joyce Vedral's workout books I used in college. Basically, because of how we ladies store fat, it seems like "poof" we suddenly expand for no reason.

But not so!

What's REALLY happened is that over time, our insides began to store fat and once that transformation was complete, THEN we see the fat appear to explode. But it's not really exploding- it was growing under the surface all that time.

It's like roaches - you never really see them until they've gotten bad (all my grammarian friend are cringing right now). And when you see one roach, you KNOW there's a huge roach problem under the surface. Likewise, when we see the fat begin to pile on, we've got a huge fat problem under the surface.

I think, and have no scientific proof on this, that's why we can work out like a dog for months and see very little improvement but if we stick with it all the sudden the fat just starts melting away!

Men tend to store fat on the surface of the body, often on the outside of the stomach area. Most females store fat internally at first. Thousands of areas between muscle cells are filled up first. Many young women feel that some dramatic change has occurred around the age of 30 when they suddenly start showing fat accumulation on the outside of their bodies, while maintaining the same diet and level of exercise. They've actually been storing fat inside for many years. Once the inner areas are filled, women notice a dramatic change on the outside of their thighs or stomachs, often in less than a year.