Just a note to all my young, beautiful, saved and sanctified DIVA first-time voters out there: Please go vote. You’ve been talking about this election for weeks! DON’T let anything stop you from making it to the polls. I let one thing after another cheat me out of my first possible chance to vote. Don’t let that happen to you! Not with THIS election! Just think, 10 years ago many of you were splashing in my pool or playing Barbies in my front room. Now you are old enough to CHANGE the direction of our NATION!!

I don’t care who you vote for (wait, let me repent- yes I do) as long as you VOTE! No matter who wins, you will be a part of HISTORY! So get out there and do it. This year, I dropped my absentee ballot in the mail with plenty of time to make it in, because I don’t want to miss my chance to make my mark on this great country. I want you to make your mark too… You CAN make a DIFFERENCE! Please, don't let anything STOP YOU from voting TODAY!

God Bless and Keep You,

Min. J Wiggins