If someone approaches you with a spiel like this, you would know to run, right?

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say that I used to think all MLMs were
bad. That was yesterday. Then I got introduced to a new kind of
business opportunity by a complete stranger. And boy I'm glad I did.
This one's different. They really care about people. And they have
great products -- products that are literally 10,000 times better than
anything else out there. Unscientific tests prove it. AND you make
lots of money. Yesterday I was living in an apartment. Today, I own
a 5 million dollar home -- AND my own business of course. This is
what happens when you get involved with the RIGHT MLM. Your life
changes in one day. Think about this when you generalize and say all
MLMs are bad.

This was posted on an anti-MLM forum I am a member of. On one hand, we laugh at such things, but it's amazing how few of us sit down and seriously count the costs of joining these "opportunities." I'm on an MLM kick this month, because after people found out I sold Avon and Mary Kay, TONS of folks have come out of the woodwork offering me their business opportunities. Unfortunately, I do my math. I calculated a positive impact on my budget for signing up with each of the companies I have signed up with (because I really like the products, and was paying full price for them through my reps). I wish more people would do that. I'll give an example in my next post, but for now, just stay away from anything that appears to make BIG MONEY with NO WORK. The two don't go together!