Yep, I've been bitten by the MLM bug. Well, actually, longtime subscribers to my mailing list before it became a blog know I was wanting to sign up with Avon for a while. I found out at the General Assembly that a friend was selling it, so signed up with her. So, if you are interested in buying Avon, please visit my Avon website. All online orders will be entered to win a monthly gift certificate- this month is to Outback Steakhouse!!

PS: If you or a friend have EVER thought about selling Mary Kay, Avon, or other such brands, PLEASE talk to me first. I PROMISE I will not pressure you to sign up under me. I've sold several of these "home party" businesses, and all were products that I use (and most still use). I do it ONLY to get the discount, but I have discovered that sometimes it's cheaper in the long run to buy from someone else.