I've been getting a lot of emails and phone calls as to this so-called MLM Madness, so let me give you the straight scoop:

About two-three years ago, I discovered that Mary Kay's Classic Cleansing System, formula 1, really helped clear up my face. This is after years of websites, books, and even Mary Kay Ladies always insisting that if I had zits, then my skin must be oily and I'd better use those harsh, drying, formulas if I wanted to be cured. After trying MANY acne products out there, including Proactiv, I bought some Mary Kay from a friend, and chose the set my mom used to use (because I was going to give it to her). Well, something happened- I ran out of soap, I dont know.... and I had to use it. And it didn't irritate my skin. So I kept using it (I'm cheap and didn't want to buy soap if I didn't have to). And my skin got better. The only time I've used another face soap since was when I went on an extended "job trip" to a very dry location. I had to purchase a more hydrating formula by Paula's Choice. Both are fabulous. Of course, Paula raised her prices, so I've gone back to Mary Kay. And for the past 5 years, my 2 lipsticks have been 3 shades: one Mary Kay and two Avon. So when a friend started selling Avon, I jumped at the opportunity to answer the burning question: With all this lipstick I buy, can I save big bucks if I sell it myself? Like i said, I'm cheap. And it only costs $10 to start selling Avon.

Please, please, please, don't take these Avon and Mary Kay announcements to mean I recommend them for you to make money. I'm only letting you know because it's really hard to find a rep who isn't always pressuring you to sign up. And I'll never do that. And PLEASE don’t jump into any “business opportunities” without talking to me, because most of the time you are not making money- you're spending it! Just because *I* sell it, doesn’t mean *YOU* should. I "sell" several products because I wear/use them, including Jeunique and Discovery Toys. But these are not moneymakers for me. I keep "selling" them because I really love the products, and I almost hate to admit it, but I am really my own customer!

If you're thinking about signing up for something, call me. You know I'll give you straight, unbiased advice about any business opportunity you want. I made FAR mor emoeney in real estate than I ever did from the boutique or any of the "network marketing" companies. And I make a LOT more money with MUCH easier work on my day job. Thing is, many network companies are not upfront about how much things really cost or how much of a profit you really make after you've paid for shipping, buz cards, running around town, giving catalogs/hosting partiesand all that. Then you find out that you really don’t get much discount if you don’t make a lot of sales or have a lot of people in your "downline."

So what should you do if you buy a lot of products from such a company? My advice to people is typically either be a hostess (they get great freebies) to go onto one of those MLM wholesale sites where reps who have quit the business sell their products for the same discount as you would have had if you signed up. Email me for my favorite such site.

I feel so much better now, for having gotten that off my chest!