Hi everyone, this is Janine- we've finally moved into our new place. I can't wait to let you all know about what Steve and I are working, but will save that for later... For now, I'm writing to discuss Alan Cowgill's materials.

We get a lot of emails about how we found funding for our deals and whether or not Alan Cowgill's materials are any good. Although Alan's stuff is geared toward residential, not commercial, we think the course is excellent. My husband bought the bootcamp package last year, but we actually never attended. If nothing else, you can use the private lender luncheons as a way to establish a "business relationship" which then *legally* allows you to approach your private lenders about partnering (ie syndicate) in commercial deals. The key is you have to do it. Just get out there and do it. Do one for practice and one for real and see what happens! For more info, you can visit Alan's main website or click directly on the products you want:

Beginner's Kit
Where to get the Money Bootcamp