Wow! What a day! First, talking to students at John Tyler Elementary about science, gettiong out early enough to catch the opening briefing of the Physics Diversity Summit at the Cannon Building on Capitol Hill, then rushing to the Maryland House of Delegates Ways and Means Committee to give testimony on some bullying laws (will post on that soon), getting caught (withOUT a jacket!) in a HUGE snowstorm, barely getting back in time to kiss the Peanut and fall in bed. Well, and get on the computer for a few minutes.

I'm very excited about the Physics thing, though, because I liked what I heard during the Summit (what part I was able to catch- I had to rush to Annapolis while they were eating). It seemed to me an honest acknowlwedgment of why we had poor minority represenation in the scientific and technical fields, and yet didn't over-promise inroads that couldn't be delivered. I shall discuss this more later, if there's time, but for now, check out our conference website HERE (yes, that's me on one of the screens- from the panel we did last year).

The diversity summit was the kickoff to the Annual Conference of the National Society of Black Physicists and of the National Society of Hispanic Physicists. This year's event takes place here (actually started tonight but I got back to late to be driving in downtown DC!!!) and I'll be addressing the group on alternative careers as well as helping with the mini-conference. FUN FUN FUN!