On Thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to
  • - God the Father for His grace and His mercy
  • - Jesus, the Son, who gave his life that I might be free from sin
  • - The precious Holy Spirit, who dwells in my heart and leads me (as I allow myself to be led)
  • - My husband- the most wonderful man alive
  • - My extended family (Mom, Dad, Brian, all of them) for loving me, encouraging me, being proud of me, and most of all: putting up with me
  • - My friends- who add spice to my life
  • - My network of colleagues, mentors, and fellow investors
  • - And to you

I'd like to leave you with this video entitled, "Remember Me." It's a poignant reminder that someone is shivering on the ground so that we can sleep cozy under our blankets (warning: secular music).

God Bless You All!

- Janine